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CA Final Audit Fast Track Full Course with MCQ is newly Recorded Video Classes from CA Kapil Goyal Sir’s Nov-Dec 2019 batch, updated for May 2020 & Nov 2020 Exams.

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Lectures Title File Size
05_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H04MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_459082976_1585975924 437.8MB
06_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H32MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_582743569_1585976011 555.7MB
07_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_3H58MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_1185052227_1585976121 1130.2MB
08_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H30MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_606206035_1585976360 578.1MB
09_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H52MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_916630392_1585976544 874.2MB
10_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H27MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_581884645_1585976816 554.9MB
11_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H10MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_545039728_1585976984 519.8MB
12_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_1H53MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_465815778_1585977130 444.2MB
13_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H21MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_589144792_1585977267 561.9MB
14_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_3H34MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_798532590_1585977440 761.5MB
15_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_3H19MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_1038320973_1585977658 990.2MB
16_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H43MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_881940491_1585977963 841.1MB
17_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_3H11MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_793391006_1585978218 756.6MB
18_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H58MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_616125712_1585978455 587.6MB
19B_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_45MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_205323439_1585978619 195.8MB
19_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_1H32MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_333848071_1585978677 318.4MB
20_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_1H41MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_510316140_1585978777 486.7MB
21_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_1H43MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_511894538_1585978928 488.2MB
22_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_2H21MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_704423136_1585979070 671.8MB
23_CAF_AUDIT_FF_M20_PD_3H33MIN.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_827055272_1585979276 788.7MB
Amendments.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_232474549_1589949295 221.7MB
J5m9kg.seq 0MB
Tax_Audit.mp_cs_ZVhx6i_sz_711327130_1589949337 678.4MB

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